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Villarreal USA quiniela competition: a new monthly prize!

Even if you are well behind for the season, don't fret. We will be giving a monthly prize, a Villarreal USA t-shirt to the person with the highest number of points in the month, starting in March.

Our quiniela competition is moving along, but we are noticing some of you who didn't get off to a great start appear to have thrown in the towel. Don't! We now have Villarreal USA T-shirts available (we will put up another post shortly explaining how you can order one for yourself), and your intrepid blog editors have decided to award one to the person who gets the highest point total in March, and in each of the succeeding months.

The shirts are available in yellow or white, and have our current logo on the front.

Ravi will keep track of the monthly points in addition to the season-long competition.

So get those entries in, starting with this next week!