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Villarreal news, Nov 5: Fans' Comment Thread

Victory over Elche gives us 23 points from 12 matches. That's great, but the injury bug is starting to hit, with Dorado and now Gio out for Atletico, plus Iniguez suspended.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Highlights from yesterday's victory are here, though there is not a lot of action in them to be honest, and we don't see the possible penalty when Jony went down in the box. What is clear from the highlights is we were playing much better than our past road games, and the atmosphere at Elche was great. I really hope they stay up.

Word is (a tweet from futvillarreal) Giovanni dos Santos has a quad injury--we won't know how significant until Wednesday, but he is certainly out against Atletico. Not good news.

I expect orient1 can fill us in on the trip to Elche and back, and thoughts from those of you who got to watch the match yesterday--unlike me--would be great as well. Sounds as though Paulista did OK. I was glad to see Hernán play and do well, and delighted with the three points. Endavant Villarreal!