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Elche-Villarreal GAMETHREAD

For the first time ever, Villarreal and Elche meet in the Primera Divisíon. Time for a win, methinks.

Elche fans at El Madrigal last year
Elche fans at El Madrigal last year
S.R. Sidarth

Jornada 12 ends with Villarreal playing against Elche. The two Valencian Community clubs met in the Segunda last year--you may remember Velazquez went all Lotina on us when we played in Elche, tried to escape with a 0-0 draw but an unlucky shot deflected past Juan Carlos and ended that (bad) idea.

Villarreal's squad is similar to last time, with Dorado dropping out because of injury and Pantic taking his place (remember, Iñiguez is eligible because the league's disciplinary committee didn't meet between jornadas 11 and 12)

  • Keepers: Asenjo, Juan Carlos.
  • Defenders: Mario, Jaume Costa, Gabriel, Musacchio, Pablo Íñiguez, Pantic.
  • Midfielders: Bruno, Pina, Trigueros, Hernán Pérez, Aquino, Cani.
  • Strikers: Perbet, Uche, Jonathan Pereira, Giovani.

I don't have the Elche squad call, unfortunately.

History: Although Elche was founded in 1923, just as Villarreal was, the two clubs have been on different trajectories. Villarreal played Elche in the Segunda B in 1991-92, obtaining a draw. They met in the Segunda Division in 1997-98 and 2012-13, Elche winning three of those and drawing once. And in two occasions, Elche has met Villarreal in the Copa del Rey, and won both times. So, we have never beaten Elche, unless you count their preseason trophy match a couple of years ago!

A number of players have played for both teams, most recently Juan Carlos (loaned to Elche in the 2011-12 season). Wakaso Mubarak came to us from there, and ex-defender, now Basque restaurateur, Aitor Arregi is among those who have played for both clubs.

There should be some decent streams available, so watch, cheer on the Yellow Submarine, and add your comments!