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Fans' Forum, November 14: Marcelino extends contract to 2016

Marcelino Garcia Toral and his coaching staff have agreed contract extensions to 2016. Excellent news.

Alexander Hassenstein

Several bits of news, the main one being Marcelino's contract extension.  Sr. Roig had said it was in the works, and it was announced today.  The club has begun streaming these sorts of things via the "Villarreal CF LIVE" box on their official site, incidentally.  (You can usually find clips of these a day or two after the presser if you go down our "river" to the 'SB Nation videos' section)

If you missed the Villarreal-New York Cosmos match yesterday (Marcos Senna's testimonial match, with Robert Pires and Javi Venta also playing) there's a 13-minute long highlight clip in that aforementioned videos section if you scroll down, or on the official site here.  The first 8 minutes are before the game, then the last 5 are of the match.  The Senna-Bruno-Perbet connection for the first goal is quite nice, for sure.

Marcelino, in his press conference after the announcement of the contract extension, said he was very happy, that Villarreal was the 'best team he's coached' and he just wants to take things game by game.  He also said, as Sr. Roig has emphasized, our first goal for this season is survival in the Primera.  Once we have the requisite number of points to achieve that, then we can start thinking of other things.

I know we're all excited about how well we've done in the first third of the season, but recent events on the site have made me realize that some of us--including me at times--need to keep things in perspective.  We are not Real Madrid or Barcelona, with international stars at every position.  We don't have the money to go out and bring in a big-name player or two in the winter.

Orient1 asked the question, who in La Liga has played better so far this season, and I think the answer is probably no one, expect for maybe Atleti (until they faced us).  Of course it would be great to qualify for the Champions League, but at the start of the season none of us expected that.  We've beaten Valencia 4-1; we've outplayed Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, and we already have as many away wins (3) in six matches as we had the entire 2011-12 season.  Oh, and it's been nearly 50 years since a newly-promoted team in La Liga got off to as good a start.

We have the deepest squad I can remember in several years, and our youth system is producing players such as Mario, Manu, and Iñiguez, all of whom are seeing significant playing time (in Mario's case, every minute of every match so far).  And look at the future: Gerard Moreno is tearing it up on loan to Mallorca; Juanto is doing well for our B team; Moi Gomez is a Spain U-21 international and has seen some minutes; and further down we have three players in the Spain U-17 squad.

This is not to say that we can't be critical sometimes, but let's keep things in perspective, shall we?  We're not supporting Real Madrid or Barcelona.  We're supporting a much more special, unique club--Villarreal CF.

Endavant Villarreal.