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Villarreal vs. Granada: GameThread

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A tough nut to crack visits El Madrigal on Friday evening in jornada 8 of La Liga. No team has scored multiple goals against the nazaríes all season. Will the Yellow Submarine be the first? Join us to find out.

Michael Pereira: ojo.
Michael Pereira: ojo.
Jasper Juinen

Interesting that one of Granada's nicknames originates from the sultans who ruled the Andalusian kingdom from 1238 until the Reconquista in 1492. But I digress -- on to football.

My expected Villarreal XI: Asenjo; Mario, Íñiguez (just called up to the Spain U-21s - congratulations!), Musacchio, Jokic; Manu, Bruno; Cani, Aquino; Perbet, Gio.

My expected Villarreal bench: Juan Carlos; Pantic, Dorado; Pina, Moi; Uche, Jony.

I'd look for the Mexican duo (particularly Giovani dos Santos) to get some rest late on, scoreline permitting. They have two huge national team matches and travel ahead over the next fortnight, and the crucial Athletic Bilbao match at San Mamés Barria looms on the horizon.

Expect a low-scoring affair with a bushel of quality in both midfields. Watch out for Dani Benitez, sparkplug Diego Buonanotte, and Mallorca loanee Michael Pereira in the visiting red-and-white (I assume they won't wear powder blue-and-white if not necessary).

The match begins at 2 pm Eastern Time as part of a doubleheader on BeIN Sport en Español. Expect a good number of streams too. Endavant Villarreal!