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Villarreal news, October 2 2013: I feel the earth move under my feet....

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we catch up with news of ex-amarillos, and current ones as well. Plus, there have been nearly 400 small earthquakes off the coast of Castellon. Not really big enough to feel, I suppose, but why waste a good headline?

Marcelino gets a two-game suspension for calling a penalty a penalty.
Marcelino gets a two-game suspension for calling a penalty a penalty.
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Let's start with some news of ex-Villarreal players.

Marcos Senna scores a free-kick winner/Marca

Marcos Senna scores a fine free-kick winner for the NY Cosmos against the Tampa Bay Rowdies (always one of my favorite sports names).  You can watch the video here.  Memo to Tampa Bay coach: don't put your shortest player at the end of the wall!

Ex-amarilllos around the world/Futvillarreal

Not an exhaustive or complete listing, but some news on players you might have forgotten about.  As for Giuseppe Rossi, who came off during the first half of the recent Fiorentina match, apparently his muscle injury is not serious and he could even play this weekend--good news.

Moving on to current Villarreal players now:

Jokic gets a chance to impress Marcelino/Terra

Jaume Costa will at least be out for the Granada match; he may be recovered in time for the next one, since we have the long international break coming up.  Speaking of which.....

Working through Mexico's potential lineup/

Hard to imagine El Tri won't qualify for the World Cup, but it could happen.  Carlos Vela has refused to return to the national team, and Andres Guardado has been dropped from the squad for the Panama and Costa Rica matches.  Gio is expected to start, Aquino on the bench but an attacking option if need be (I could not understand why he was not tried in their recent matches).

Maximum alarm in Castellón/EPM

Finally, the Vila-real area has been shaken by a number of small earthquakes--the largest still pretty small (the Californian says), 4.2 on the Richter scale.  Map of epicenter is here.  Apparently these quakes are man-made to a degree, because there is a natural gas injection well off the coast and that's where the earthquakes are centered.

That's all for now. Endavant!