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Athletic Club-Villarreal CF GAMETHREAD

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The Yellow Submarine visits the new lion's den in Bilbao.

A look at the outside of the new San Mamés, in obligatory rain!
A look at the outside of the new San Mamés, in obligatory rain!
David Ramos

Welcome Submarine fans!  Is anyone else feeling frustrated at these international breaks?  After how well we played against Granada it was hard to then put everything aside for two weeks, made longer since this game was scheduled for the Monday.

I never know how much faith to put in these things, but here is a preview from which coincidentally predicts the same 2-2 final score as I did on twitter earlier this morning:

Starting lineups:

Villarreal: Asenjo, Mario, Musacchio, Dorado, Jaume Costa, Bruno, Pina, Aquino, Cani, Giovani and Jonathan Pereira.

Athletic Club: Iriazoz, Iraola, Gurpegui, Laporte, Balenziaga; M.Rico, De Marcos, Iturraspe; Susaeta, Muniain y Aduriz

We also played Athletic away  in jornada 9 of the 2008-09 season, and triumphed 4-1 (Rossi, Pires, Cazorla, Altidore).  I'd like another victory like that, please!

forgot to mention, it is live on BeInSport Spanish if you get that, otherwise there are numerous streams!