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Villarreal News, October 17--fans' forum post

We're going to put a post up that can stay up for a few days where we can collect various news articles or whatnot, but more than that, use it as a post to keep comment threads going for awhile. It's an experiment.

Mexico looked so much better then....
Mexico looked so much better then....
Kevork Djansezian

Nice interview with Gerard Moreno.  He says this is a 'key year' for him personally, can't disagree with that:

Five goals already for him in the Segunda with Mallorca.

Our Mexican duo did not impress against Costa Rica.  Here's one set of player ratings:

Word is Mexico will hire yet ANOTHER coach:

Here is more from ESPN on this:

(there are also links to their player reviews, too, not much different from the first ones above)

Four coaches in six weeks, must be some sort of record.  NOT happy to see they are planning a 'warmup match' on Oct 30, as we play Getafe around then.  We may lose Gio and Aquino for several important matches.  Jéremy, Hernán, get ready!!

Sergio Asenjo is looking forward to the next few matches:

We will try to become the first away side to win in the New San Mamés, and also score our 700th goal in the Primera.

Site news-over the next couple of weeks, Ravi is in England (first) and Spain (second), so, even more than usual, we have a skeleton crew here.  We will continue of course with our match previews/gamethreads/recaps, but what I am going to try to do is to put a quick post like this one on the left side of the main page--it will be the place to sweep up comments on whatever you want to comment about, and we will leave it in that prominent position until we get close to the next match.

It's not really a fans forum inasmuch as we can't sort the comments by topic, but hopefully it will give you all a place to comment where the conversation won't get cut off by the original post getting pushed far down the queue, which several of you have said is a problem

Sounds good?  We'll try it, anyway.  Endavant!