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Villarreal news, Oct 15: Costa returns, Jokic injured, Gio/Aquino play tonight

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Jaume Costa returns, ex-Villarreal man Llorente retires, and the Mexico game is tonight.

Denis Doyle

Jaume Costa is available as Bojan Jokic is injured again on international duty--Inside Spanish Football

As the article notes, some tough games coming up for us.

We're not scoring from set pieces--Terra

All our goals (except one via penalty) have come from open play.  We haven't scored from a set piece, and part of the reason is our lack of height.

Joseba Llorente, ex-Villarreal striker, announced his retirement.  He scored the fastest goal in La Liga history when playing for Real Sociedad: seven seconds is all it took.

And speaking of goals, here is an easy one for Gerard Moreno last week against Tenerife.  You can watch the highlights and see Tenerife miss an open goal and hit two posts, or you can just forward it to around the 1:25 mark for Gerard's score.

Our next goal in the Primera will be number 700--Mundo Deportivo

Villarreal's first goal in the Primera was scored by Craioveanu, and our 'centenarians' have included Diego Forlán, Santi Cazorla, and most recently Giuseppe Rossi with number 600.  Who will join them?

And, of course, tonight Mexico takes on Costa Rica, attempting to scrape into a playoff spot for a World Cup place. I have not seen anything about Aquino's injury, so assume it must not have been serious.  Even so, he may not start tonight; he was very busy in the first half against Panama but ultimately disappointing, though I blame a lot of that on Chicharito, who was woeful when it came to supporting any of Aquino's forays into danger areas.

More troubling for Mexico was Gio's performance--he was basically lost for large stretches of the game on the wing and was unrecognizable to those of us who have watched him at Villarreal this season.  An amazing bicycle-kick goal saved El Tri Friday night--we'll see what happens this time.

Looking ahead to the Submarine visiting the new San Mames on Monday.  Endavant Villarreal!