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Villarreal News, Sept 26

Injury worries for the weekend, and a quick look at some of our players on loan. Plus, the B team is in action today.

Michael Steele - Getty Images

Injury worries: there were several players banged up after the Las Palmas game on Saturday, and Javi Mata says Marcos Senna and Manu Trigueros are both doubtful for the Cordoba match, and neither trained with the team today. Bad news indeed if those two are both missing.

Dani Toribio hurt his ankle yesterday in training and Olof Mellberg was reported to have a muscle strain, but apparently they trained with everyone today.

Let's catch up with our loanees, courtesy of Así les va a nuestros jugadores cedidos

Sounds like de Guzmán has been the most impressive, at least in terms of playing time. I did find a prescient article on the internet about him which is worth a look: Jonathan de Guzman: What Swansea Fans Can Expect From Their Dutch Pass Master | Football & Sport | Sabotage Times

The author's comment that when things are going wrong, he is not the player to get you out of them was of course what we saw last year; if on the other hand he is in a settled environment, he can do quite well. So far at Swansea he seems to be doing OK.

And finally, a reminder that Villarreal B have a game today, at 20:00 Spain time (3pm EDT, I believe) against Llagostera. There is no TV, but there should be radio. I don't know about Radio Vila-real, but you can catch the action (in Catalan) here apparently. Llagostera have 8 points from 5 matches and sit fifth in the table; the Mini Submarine has started slowly, is currently 17th with four points from four matches.