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Villarreal USA news: site redesign, photos needed, lapel pins available!

Now for a lapel pin!!(Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Now for a lapel pin!!(Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's been a slow week in Vila-real (how slow? the lead story in EPM one day was about the town buying new municipal trash cans!) but here at Villarreal USA and SBNation we have been quite busy. A couple of weeks ago we showed you what our new logo would be, but you've probably noticed it has not changed yet on the site, only on such things as our facebook page.

1. New site design is coming soon!

Well, we're about to change the entire look of the site, and we are very excited about it. The way in which you interact with the site won't change much--you can still comment, post fanshots and fanposts, and so forth--but the site itself will become much better organized.

I don't know about you, but often I want to go back and find a post from several weeks ago, and that requires trawling through a variety of posts--in chronological order--to find what you were looking for. The new site will allow us to get away from that, and we'll be able to place more stories in places where they are easy to find and comment on. We will also be able to group such things as gamethreads, quinelas, etc. together for easy reference.

It will take all of us-- blog managers included--some time to get used to the new look, but we know it will be worth it. Especially for those of you accessing the site through mobile phones or tablets, you'll notice a BIG difference.

2. Photos--can you help us?

One related point--you may have noticed we are much lighter on photos on the site this year than last. Partly that's because with the team in the Segunda Villarreal isn't getting covered on the photo feeds we have access to, but it's also because we are trying to use only pictures we have specific permission to use.

SO--those of you in Spain, especially, can help us here. If you take photographs that would be suitable for the site (could be a game photo, could be you with a player, could be anything Villarreal-related) and are willing to let us use it on the site, please contact one of the blog managers. We would love to use your contributions.

We are talking to the club about using some of the photos on the official site, but it would be great to get something that's not as easily available and different.

3. A small giveaway!

FINALLY-- Villarreal CF sent us about a dozen lapel pins with the team crest on them (they're gold-colored metal with an enameled crest, looks very stylish if you're wearing a suit I must say). A very nice gesture, and a great way to show your support of our wonderful club.

If you would like one of these, email me--you can click on the envelope in the "blog managers" list at the foot of the page to do this (don't use the comment thread) with your name and address. I will send them out until I run out.