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Tuesday Tidbits: Salva Chamorro, UEFA, and more

Hope Senna's off tomorrow.
Hope Senna's off tomorrow.

First and foremost, a tribute to those who perished on 9/11/2001. You will never be forgotten.

As a former Washington, DC resident, the moment I learned about the attacks changed my life. Thank you to the men and women who are continuing to make the world a better place. Even in an election year, we can all agree on that.

On the Villarreal front, Julio Velázquez will take nineteen players into tomorrow's Copa del Rey second-round match against Ponferradina at El Madrigal. That's the same Ponfe we just squeaked by on Saturday at El Toralín. Strange how the schedulers work.

The big news: striker Salva Chamorro has been called up to the 'A' team after a brace for the filial against Nàstic. Salva scored twice against us last season on loan at Cartagena but did little else, netting just one other time in fifteen games. He joins Fernando Cavenaghi and Walter Pandiani as striking options, with Gerard Bordas perhaps still on the mend. No reason to rush him back.

In addition, midfielder Daniel Toribio is back from injury to offer an option at the doble pivote. I'd expect Marcos Senna to get a rest and keep him on a once-a-week schedule. We've seen Senna's fitness struggles when he plays more than that, so I am hoping for the best. And Diego Mariño should start in goal after returning from his Spain U-21 international duty. Our first chance in 2012-13 to look at a very bright prospect.

Some interesting news and notes from across football:

UEFA is hitting out at Málaga and Atlético Madrid for a failure to pay what they owe to players, employees, and other teams. Hey, Villarreal is a creditor of both! Those Spanish sides are being targeted because of their participation in UEFA competitions this season (and the resulting prize money). If not paid up by September 30...we'll see.

Deportivo La Coruña owes €1 million to Nacional (Uruguay) for international goalkeeper Gustavo Munúa. The debt is from 2003(!), and Munúa has moved onto Málaga and now Levante. If Lendoiro fails to pay, Depor will forfeit six points. Classic Spain, but at least the Galicians have money.

Barcelona will wear the Catalonian flag next season as its alternate jersey. For the first time in club history. That qualifies as a political statement, all right.

Finally, you knew that Santi Cazorla meant a lot to Villarreal. Here's further statistical confirmation.