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Bruno Soriano Re-signs Through 2020

He's not going anywhere.
He's not going anywhere.

You can officially put an end to all of the transfer rumors. The fulcrum of the new project at Villarreal, midfielder Bruno Soriano, is staying put.

Bruno has re-signed with the Submarino Amarillo through 2020, lengthening his current deal by four years. Bruno will turn 36 in June of that year, so this may be the last professional contract he ever signs. Curious that doble pivote partner Marcos Senna is 36 this season; I doubt it's a coincidence.

Bruno has been at Villarreal since age fifteen and has worked his way up the ranks. He was a late bloomer and eventually came to captain the 'B' team, which at the time played in the Tercera Regional. After winning promotion with the filial to Segunda B, Bruno debuted in the Primera in 2006-07.

As "El Ingeniero" Manuel Pellegrini's influence grew at the club, so did his reliance on Bruno. Bruno came to symbolize Villarreal CF: hard work, dedication, and relative anonymity. By 2009-10, after two seasons as a part-time starter, our man from Artana was a fixture in the starting XI.

Bruno's evolution as a player is a testament to his drive. I remember a younger Bruno: uncomfortable on the ball and uncompromising in a challenge. Now in his prime, he regularly takes on defenders to open up time and space for a pass. He also scored his first three La Liga goals in 2011-12.

Vicente del Bosque has rewarded him with four caps for the Spanish national team, including two after Villarreal's relegation. Well-deserved honors, and ones that may have kept him away from the prying eyes of Valencia, Málaga, and Unai Emery's Spartak Moscow, all Champions League sides.

Enhorabuena, Bruno! We wish you many more years of success in yellow. A happy day for Artana's finest.