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Santi Cazorla heads to Arsenal as Malaga implodes behind him

Santi Cazorla: another fine player leaving La Liga.  (Photo by Handout/UEFA via Getty Images)
Santi Cazorla: another fine player leaving La Liga. (Photo by Handout/UEFA via Getty Images)
UEFA via Getty Images

This is quickly becoming a nightmare--not only for fans of Malaga, but for fans of La Liga in general, as a club that had a plan to become competitive with the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid on the pitch is melting down.

First, Santi Cazorla, our beloved Cazorlita, is being sold to Arsenal.

Cazorla flew to London today to wrap up his move to Arsenal - MÁLAGA CAZORLA -

Cazorla está en Londres para fichar por el Arsenal - LAOTRALIGA.NET

The fee has been variously quoted as €16m or €20m. The difference could be the tax, I'm not sure. Villarreal stand to receive €500,000 as a selling-on fee, in addition to the €3.5 million Malaga continues to owe us in tax on the original sale last summer.

Other players, such as Rondon, Toulalan, Isco are all to be sold as well, it's rumored, and it's rumored too that Manuel Pellegrini is going to leave the sinking ship as well:

Cazorla viaja a Londres para fichar por el Arsenal y Pellegrini podría abandonar el Málaga - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Meanwhile, the club, after promising an official statement, released this, basically saying the club is trying to meet UEFA's "Fair Play" guidelines: Comunicado del Málaga Club de Fútbol - Málaga Club de Futbol

Of more interest is this later communique, particularly the last sentence: Comunicado oficial del Málaga CF - TODO MERCADO WEB

Meanwhile, the club is up for sale but there are no buyers, Sheik Al-Thani is quickly becoming a laughingstock (see this and this) and the club's fans are understandably irate. The sporting director's car was vandalized and essentially destroyed today when he arrived at the Rosaleda: Destrozan el coche del director deportivo del Málaga | Intereconomía | 820236

The final word must belong to an Atletico Madrid supporter who said "last year Atleti fans were saying we wanted owners like Malaga's. Turns out, we already had them."