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Squad Numbers Released

Villarreal have released the squad numbers for the upcoming season. With a lot of ins and outs this term, it is going to take a bit to associate names and numbers together, especially for a lot of the younger guys that many of us have not seem much of. That, and with this being a year in the Segunda, the reality is that many games are going to only be watchable on choppy streams.

The squad (subject to the possible addition of another midfielder - fingers crossed!):

1. Mariño

2. Mario

3. Joan Oriol

4. Musacchio

5. Truyols

6. Mellberg

7. Toribio

8. Uche

9. Cavenaghi

10. Cani

11. Hernán Pérez

14. Trigueros

17. Javi Venta

18. Juame Costa

19. Marcos Senna

21. Bruno

22. Rossi

23. Gerard Bordas

25. Juan Carlos

27. Moi. Gómez

28. Lejeune