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Podcast : Tribute to Preciado and next steps

May you rest in peace Don Manolo!  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
May you rest in peace Don Manolo! (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Sid, Allen and Ravi pay a tribute to the great man Manuel Preciado. Also a quick look at what is next in search of a new coach for the Yellow submarine. RIP Preciado

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A few thoughts from Maddi who couldn't join us on the call.

Outside of his accomplishments, which were tremendous - bringing three clubs to promotion into the Primera, each of those a herculean task - I was relatively unfamiliar with Manuel Preciado before he was identified as Villarreal's prime coaching candidate. Upon the announcement that he would be presented on June 8th, everything I had heard of him - from his record to his personality and solidity - had me enthusiastic about the club's future with him at the helm. His sudden passing was shocking - to wake up and find a comment that he had passed during the night seemed a cruel joke, both because of his tragic family history, and because of Villarreal's difficult straits as of late. All of football, and Villarreal in particular, have felt a huge loss because of his death. For someone who made a specific choice to go on with his life after his family had passed away, to meet this sort of unexpected end is truly a tragedy of the highest order. I wish the rest of his family the best, and may he rest in peace.