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Final Superliga Fantasy Standings

Messi: also dominant in fantasy La Liga.
Messi: also dominant in fantasy La Liga.

The end of the 2011-12 La Liga season also marks our first full year with SBNation. With that milestone, our inaugural Villarreal USA Superliga contest has come to an end.

Top 3 Managers

Congratulations to Maniche Street Preachers, who dominated our league from start to finish. Maniche was the solid leader at the halfway mark and a close second down the homestretch. Maniche was an astute wheeler and dealer who won by nearly 5% over We all Cadiz, yours truly.

My team struggled at the outset, even trailing el gran paellero a/k/a Allen Dodson. But the addition of one Lionel Messi and some cheap acquisitions shot my squad up the table. Interesting to note the effects of new arrivals to La Liga in both transfer windows -- Falcao and Coutinho among the best examples.

Third place went to Red Star Belgrade (once rumored to be the source of our next manager), who was a close second at the halfway point of the season. Red Star held off Menlo FC and FC Solros to claim the last podium spot.

Best XI

In jornada 36, my squad registered the season's top score in our league (179.5 points over two matches). Messi posted an absurd 63.5, Karim Benzema 27.5, and Hernán Pérez 23.5, along with four other players in double figures.

My team that week (3-4-3): Kameni (MLG); P. López (LEV), Botía (SPO), Ansotegi (RSO); Coutinho (ESP), Hernán (VIL), Diego (ATM), Thiago (BAR); Falcao (ATM), Messi (BAR), Benzema (RMA).

Thank Yous

Maniche and Red Star, please e-mail us your full contact information: groguetusa-at-gmail-com. We will get your prizes to you as soon as feasible. We are coordinating logistics with Juan Anton in Vila-real.

Thank you all for participating! Even though Villarreal will not play in the Primera in 2012-13, we hope that all of you will join us next season in the Superliga. 49 teams -- with 45 active until the end -- is not bad for our first year. We'll try and do better the next time.