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One Minute For Miki!

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As most of you probably know, ex-Liverpool canterano and Real Betis player Miki Roque passed away on Sunday. His passing illustrated both the worst and the best of Spanish football in some ways--the worst, in that Betis couldn't afford to pay for his hospital treatment. The best, in that not only did beticos raise money through the sale of wristbands and so forth to pay for it, but Carles Puyol paid the rest. An excellent article on all of this is here:

Spanish football mourns Miki’s passing | Andy Mitten - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

Meanwhile, UEFA in its wisdom has refused Spain's request for a minute's silence and/or black armbands to be worn today in Miki's memory, just as these requests were denied for Sr. Preciado's memory. However, UEFA did allow a moment's silence for a French journalist and friend of UEFA honcho Michel Platini. Ridiculous, and now trending worldwide on twitter (in Spanish and English) is the hashtag One Minute For Miki.

Vamos España! I think it's gonna be a hard one though.