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Villarreal news, June 20 2012: more rumors, no new deals yet

Gonzalo Rodriguez: heading to Espanyol, perhaps?  (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Gonzalo Rodriguez: heading to Espanyol, perhaps? (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Now that we have a day off in the EURO 2012 competition, attention is turning back to rumors of player moves. So far, just to recap, Villarreal have sold Marcano and Diego Lopez, and have agreed to sell Jefferson Montero, although that deal has not formally been closed--at least, as far as we know. If you are counting, and depending if you are adding in value for variable clauses, we will have raised something like €12-14m from those sales.

Others potentially moving: Camunas (back to Osasuna) has been rumored: Osasuna se interesa en Camuñas, que podría volver a Pamplona | Fichajes .NET

Cani definitely interests Zaragoza, but Villarreal don't seem too keen to bring things to a conclusion: Cani, en la órbita del Zaragoza |

Malaga have been told Bruno Soriano would cost €15m; according to Javi Mata, Valencia have decided to look elsewhere (Javi Marquez of Espanyol, probably).

Gonzalo Rodriguez: no firm offers yet, but Espanyol have him as a potential signing to help their back line: Colotto, Cuéllar, Gonzalo Rodríguez: Terna de centrales

Jonathan de Guzman: clearly Dutch teams are interested in him, the latest is AZ. Oooh, he and Jozy Altidore could trade Villarreal memories. Well, maybe not.

And, sad to say, Alejandro Martinuccio's loan is not being extended and he is returning to Fluminense, according to this report. I will always believe he is a player who could have helped us last year, and could help us now, but there was clearly something going on we're unaware of (unavailable for the last game? strange).

Joselu: he's been on Radio Nou tosay he has teams interested in him, feels 'more outside than inside Villarreal', will make a decision in 10 days on his future. It sounds to me like he is trying to put pressure on Villarreal to put him in the first team next year, after he was told he would be with the B team again. I don't see the club giving in, though, so he may be on his way.

Cristian Zapata: a return to Italy is likely,his agent says things will be done within 20 days (makes sense given the Euros are still going on)

A Segunda update: It's not clear yet what the makeup of the Segunda will be, as Sabadell and Guadalajara may not be able to provide the requisite financial guarantees to remain in the Liga Adelante. If they cannot, presumably that would let Cartagena and Alcoyano stick around, although this article seems to suggest Nastic might be able to do so: In Bed With Maradona - The Award Winning Home Of World Football - JOURNAL - POBLA DE MAFUMET CF AND THE NEED FOR COMMON SENSE

One team we do know who will be in the Segunda next year is Las Palmas, and I expect them to be one of the better teams. They've just signed Nauzet from Valladolid: Nauzet regresa a casa - LAOTRALIGA.NET

We do know, regardless of our roster, we will have the largest budget in the Segunda. All the more reason to get back to the Primera this year!

Villarreal reduce their team budget by 30 million euros - LIGA ADELANTE VILLARREAL -

Tornarem!! Endavant Villarreal!