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Promotions to the Segunda: an update

In case you missed it, MIRANDES and REAL MADRID CASTILLA have won two of the four places on offer in next year's Segunda. Atletico Baleares and Cadiz still have a chance to join them, but must make it through another couple of rounds now.

The next round of matches has Ponferradina vs Lucena; Atletico Baleares vs Lugo; Tenerife vs Linense; and Cadiz vs Albacete. (You may recall Albacete and Ponferradina were relegated to the Segunda B last year).

Interestingly, of the four Segunda B regional groups, the Catalonia-Valencian Community one appears to be the weakest, based on the results so far. Orihuela, Huracan Valencia and Badalona all lost their first-round ties, and the champion, Atletico Baleares, lost theirs as well but still could advance.

RM Castilla's win means there will be two B teams in the division again next year, so effectively there will be 22 teams battling it out for promotion to the Primera. The exact makeup of the division, and certainly of the Segunda B divisions, can still change depending on what happens with clubs in severe financial difficulty; the new sports law passed in January says clubs who don't pay their players by June 30 will be demoted. The law was recently upheld in a court case filed by Poli Ejido, who were kicked out of their Segunda B group; there have been three Segunda B teams fail this year and our local rivals Castellon, in the Tercera, are in major financial trouble as well that I cannot begin to explain.

It promises to be an interesting summer.