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Transfer news: latest

in happier times....let's at least keep the two up front, shall we?
in happier times....let's at least keep the two up front, shall we?

I thought it would be good to put this post up, and it can keep getting bumped up to the top--but it gives us a place to comment specifically on the ins and outs (mostly, outs!).

Diego López has been sold to Sevilla. Javi Mata, who tends to be quite accurate with these things, reports this morning that the deal is for €4m plus €2m in incentives (i think goals given up, games played, etc.).

Borja Valero: news on twitter, as yet (9:30EDT) unconfirmed by the club, is that he will be sold to Malaga for €10m (plus perhaps some incentives as well). That is a logical deal, but given Malaga's failure to completely pay for Santi, needless to say the payment arrangements will be closely looked at. As orient1 said, no postdated cheques this time, please!!

Update (9:50AM): please see this story on Hierro leaving Malaga and Pellegrini not wanting signings until outstanding problems are cleared up: Al Thani adeuda a la plantilla del Málaga tres meses de sueldo -

Gonzalo Rodriguez has been on twitter to thank fans for their support and say nothing is arranged yet. He would like to stay, but the club is willing to see him move on.

Ángel Lopez gave a somewhat bitter news conference yesterday where he basically said he had wanted to stay but the team said no. He felt 'inasmuch as he was injured while preventing a goal' he thought they could have kept him for another year. Word is he may end up at Sevilla, or perhaps at Celta assuming they go up.

Cani: no firm news, but Real Zaragoza (!) would like him apparently.

Nothing new on Nilmar, Zapata, or Marchena, three who are moving on for sure. Or on Montero, who apparently wants to stay at Betis, or....

My guess is moving Nilmar/Zapata/Marchena would be a savings of €10m in salary and so forth, Lopez/Borja/Gonzalo/Angel probably about that as well. So that gets us from €60m to €40m; the goal is to get below 30.