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Rumor, rumor, who's got a rumor: May 21 Villarreal update

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Coach Velasquez encourages Iriome at Saturday's game.  He's done well with the B team in the Segunda; will Sr. Roig entrust him with the A team there?
Coach Velasquez encourages Iriome at Saturday's game. He's done well with the B team in the Segunda; will Sr. Roig entrust him with the A team there?

Sr. Roig said you can't go "fishing for our players" (buying them on the cheap), but we do seem to have a rather appetizing selection at our delicatessen for you to choose from if you want to pay:

'Delicatessen' a la venta - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Here's the latest rumor list, with suggested prices where EPM gives them(!)

Diego López (€10m): EPL clubs are interested, Arsenal, Tottenham (of course!), Sunderland were mentioned on twitter this AM

Borja Valero (€10m): we'd already heard about interest from Málaga, Sevilla and Atleti; now Juventus are perhaps in the running: Juventus Keen On Villarreal Schemer Borja Valero

Nilmar (~€10m): his agent says a team in Spain is interested, reports yesterday said it is....Barcelona! Really?! We'd like Rafinha with that bag of money, please.

De Guzmán: in addition to the interest from England, Twente and other Dutch clubs are said to be interested. In this interview DeGuz leaves no doubt he isn't planning to stay around: De Guzman seeks Villarreal exit - Soccerway

Zapata (€6m): interest from Italian clubs for sure, though nothing new reported over the weekend.

Musacchio: Roma is interested, though it doesn't sound like his agent thinks a whole lot will happen: Villarreal defender wanted by Roma | Forza Italian Football

Now to the loanees. Late word is we are willing to part with most of them, including Montero and Uche, though again this may be a case of seeing what offers are out there. We have told Betis Jeff will cost €5mm, and we doubt they have that. Could we be interested in taking a player or two in return?

Puerta de salida para Uche, Jeff y Marcano - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Martinuccio's assignment ends June 30; there was a rumor the club is going to extend it (which would be good in my mind, since there would be no fee and we need attackers) but nothing is known. It is clear our main priority in the off-season is going to be finding a goal-scorer: Máxima prioridad: un goleador - Liga BBVA | Villarreal -

Among the players mentioned are two currently in the Segunda (Ulloa with Almeria, Javi Guerra with Valladolid) and two who racked up impressive totals there but are now in the Primera (Jorge Molina, Betis; Nino, Osasuna).

Now to Giuseppe Rossi. Of course, late last week Radio Kiss Kiss got hold of his agent, who said basically if clubs were interested and gave him offers he'd be happy to talk to Villarreal (of course, this isn't what the headline said): Cut-price Rossi now an 'appetising prospect' for clubs, claims agent -

However, according to EPM Rossi promised Sr. Roig he would not leave this summer, but would return to assist in the promotion fight--and might even be available for more games than we were expecting, though given recent history let's not assume anything!!

We have not mentioned Bruno Soriano. He appears to be happy to put his future in the hands of Sr. Roig; unless a great offer comes in, expect him to stay.

A couple of reflections on the season just past. Sr. Roig, interviewed this weekend, listed all the mistakes and misfortunes and commented 'one goal more, we would still be in the Primera all the same". "Con los mismos errores y un gol más estaríamos todavía en Primera División" - Castellón - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Sr. Roig said the budget will be between €22-28m, it really depends on how many of the higher-priced players are sold. He doesn't expect everyone in the shop window to be bought, of course. He also commented that "betting on a different philosophy of soccer didn't work" and that, together with another comment he made where he criticized an "overly defensive approach" seem to suggest Velásquez might get the A-team coaching job after all (as we noted on Saturday, there were banners in support of his candidacy at the Huelva match). Villarreal B, by the way, has the fifth-best record in the second half of the season, which is basically around the time Velasquez got settled in (and the B team roster was purged of a good number of players): Villarreal B sigue lanzado y es el quinto mejor equipo de la segunda vuelta - - Noticias Agencias

And for those of you who love the "ifs and buts" category, this shouldn't surprise you, but if we could just have legislated a change to the rules of the game so that matches only lasted 85 minutes, we'd be playing in the Europa League again next season: Cinco minutos cambian Europa por el descenso - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Speaking of rules, we are reminded that teams that don't pay their players (as of July 31, I believe) are subject to demotion, and going into bankruptcy to avoid the penalty won't work any more. A court recently upheld this 'primacy of the sporting law' in the case of Poli Ejido, who had appealed against the decision to kick them out of the Segunda B: Noticias - Real Federación Española de Fútbol.

There are a number of clubs who COULD be affected by this, and if one of them were to be kicked out of the Primera Villarreal would presumably be reinstated--but I doubt we will see this happen. After all, in a decision that should surprise no one, there will be no investigation into the ending matches in the league: No habrá investigación sobre el final de la liga - Levante-EMV

Finally, SEGUNDA PROMOTION PLAYOFFS (champions' bracket, first legs): Mirandés 1 Atletico Baleares 0; Cadiz 0 Real Madrid Castilla 3. Looks like we'll have a mini-classico in the Segunda next season. Oh joy. More news of the other games here: Seguna B Play-offs | - Spanish Football and La Liga News in English

And on that note, happy Monday to everyone!