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GameThread: Sporting vs. Villarreal #SPOVIL

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We need a clean sheet, Diego López.
We need a clean sheet, Diego López.

The nerves will be jangling in an electric El Molinón. We've had success in Gijón, but never when battling for survival. Time to bring it, submarino. And the trivote returns; experience trumps for Lotina.

Lineups (confirmed):

Sporting (4-2-3-1): Juan Pablo; Damián, Botía, Gregory, Menéndez; Gálvez, Lora; De las Cuevas, Trejo, Colunga; Sangoy.

Villarreal (4-3-2-1): D. López; Mario, Zapata, Musacchio, J. Costa; Senna, Marchena, Bruno; Borja, H. Pérez; Ruben.

The match begins at 2 pm Eastern Time. GolTV (U.S.) will have all the drama. Chime in on Twitter: #SPOVIL. Ahora más que nunca, endavant Villarreal!