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Thread: Villarreal B vs. Elche

As I write this, I am not sure what sort of coverage of this match we'll be able to find here in the US. So if anyone can find a decent stream or is watching in Europe, please feel free to comment here! It's the first of two games today against sides wearing green and white, sides with Villarreal loanees in their starting lineups, and coached by managers named Pepe. Amazing, isn't it?

The teams (thanks Mónica Benavent for photographing the team sheet!):

Villarreal B (4-2-2-2): Diego Mariño; Pere Martínez, Kiko Olivas, Joan Truyols, Jaume Costa; Llorente, Toribio; Lucas Porcar, Manu Trigueros; Gerard Bordas, Joselu Moreno.

Elche (4-2-3-1): Juan Carlos, Carpio, Etxeita, Edu Albacar, Pelegrín, Mantecón, Xumetra, Luque, Generelo, Nicki Bille Nielsen, Ángel.

Endavant Villarreal B!