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Villareal news: friendlies, rumors, more...

Malaga are interested in reuniting Borja Valero with Santi Cazorla--if they get to the Champions League.  (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Malaga are interested in reuniting Borja Valero with Santi Cazorla--if they get to the Champions League. (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
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The Villarreal trip to Chile has now been confirmed, with friendlies coming May 29 or 30 and 31st against Universidad de Chile (current Copa Sudamerica champion, and currently competing in the Copa Libertadores) and Colo-Colo.

El Villarreal disputará dos amistosos en Chile

Sidarth already posted that Betis may be missing Ruben Castro tomorrow. For our part, Gonzalo is ready to step into replace the suspended Zapata: Gonzalo: "Estoy preparado para jugar" " El Borde del Área

Nilmar and Marcos Senna should be able to play: A por el Betis con Nilmar y Marcos Senna - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Transfer rumors now, and Malaga is interested in signing Borja Valero (and Barca's Cristian Tello) if they make it to the CL: Malaga interested in signing Borja Valero & Cristian Tello - report -

One wonders just what the "good relations" are the article refers to, since Villarreal has not been fully paid as agreed for Santi Cazorla. (Javi Mata tweeted yesterday that the club expects Malaga to pay after Easter; maybe Santi can bring the money with him when he comes to El Madrigal next week).

And I don't put much faith in this report either, since Madrid and Villarreal don't do much business together, but here it is--not that Varane isn't a talent we could certainly use in our side:

Raphaël Varane se debate entre Sevilla o Villarreal para salir cedido | Fichajes .NET

Finally, let's not get too excited with the Europa League (3 Spanish teams in the semis). There's still a big difference between the top two and everyone else, and the players know it: The Real Madrid and Barcelona dominance of La Liga | - Spanish Football and La Liga News in English

At the lower levels Spanish football is really struggling. Three or four Tercera clubs have already folded during this season, and there are Segunda B (and Segunda A) teams that haven't paid their players in forever. Real Valladolid players have even had to shell out their own money for things like bandages and medical supplies (and no, they haven't been paid in awhile either). This article points out the game is poorly promoted at the lower levels too:

An Outsider Looking In : The differences in funding between Spanish and English football | - Spanish Football and La Liga News in English

One team making some progress on the recovery-from-bankruptcy front is Mallorca, though their current board members seem to spend more time squabbling among themselves than anything else, I'm told:

Real Mallorca : Administrators relinquish Real Mallorca control

Finally, a good article here on Unai Emery, who at least has bought some more time for himself after Valencia's win last night against Jozy Altidore's AZ. Though I've alays admired Emery's skills, this article makes him sound a lot like our ex-coach Garrido, doesn't it? Have Emery And Valencia Fallen Out Of Love? | Spanish Thing

And finally, Villarreal C played yesterday and drew 2-2 with Levante B in a spirited match at the Mini Estadi in Vila-real. Gerard scored twice for the Baby Submariners, but Levante B (they must take lessons from their first team!!) scored in injury time to sneak a draw.

Endavant Villarreal!