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Villarreal news, March 30: Senna, Velasquez, and more

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Hey there groguets!! Sorry about the post being a bit later than usual.

If you haven't already seen them, the club has done two nice three-minutes-or-so clips, one titled "Marcos Senna, the legend". The first can be found via the first link (or you can go to the club site, here); the second has Brazilian music to it rather than the narration and is called "Lo mejor de Marcos Senna".

Lo mejor de Marcos Senna. (via DiariGroguet)

Enjoy them both! And the hashtag #SennaRenovacíon is making appearances on twitter, I would add....

Other news. Lotina praises Espanyol, says we are doing well but need to keep it up, etc.

Lotina: "No me gusta hacer cuentas para la salvación" - Villarreal | Liga BBVA -

Martinuccio widely expected to start in place of Nilmar, the player sounds ready to go

Martinuccio, es tu turno - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

The supporters' clubs are organizing some activities (including a beer festival!) before the Espanyol match, and season ticket holders can buy additional tickets at bargain prices

La afición responde y organiza una fiesta contra el Espanyol - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Finally, Marca has an excellent profile of our B-team coach Velasquez, who though only 30 has been coaching for half his life! He's turning heads in Spain, with the Mini-Submarine taking 13 of 15 points in the Segunda to move away from danger. I knew he came to us from Poli Ejido, but did not realize he got the C-team job because Sr. Roig remembered him from Poli's matches against us in the Copa del Rey last year. He's already being called a potential Villas-Boas, which may or may not be a good thing...

El técnico de moda en Segunda empezó a entrenar a los 15 años -

I will be back later tonight with a preview of the B team's match away to Celta on Sunday. Endavant!!