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Game Thread: Rayo Vallecano-Villarreal CF #RAYVIL

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Martinuccio--no start today. Darn.
Martinuccio--no start today. Darn.

All right then, we could sure use a win today with results so far not favoring us. But in any event, we need an away win because we need an away win!

Apparently the Rayo ground doesn't have wi-fi, but I'll post the lineups here when I have them. Endavant!!!!

Villarreal lineup is as expected: Diego López, Mario, Zapata, Musacchio, Oriol, Senna, Bruno, Cani, Borja Valero, Nilmar, Marco Ruben

Rayo lineup: Joel; Tito, Arribas, Labaka, Casado; Javi Fuego, Trashorras, Piti, Michu, Armenteros y Diego Costa