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Miguel Ángel Lotina takes over the helm at Villarreal

As was rumored yesterday, Villarreal have moved swiftly, naming Miguel Angel Lotina as the new Villarreal coach. He does have experience in relegation scraps (though not always successfully!), is an experienced, defensive-minded coach.

The sudden firing of Molina didn't sit well with at least one player, apparently. Jose Lizarraga has an interesting article here on the "errors of Sr. Roig": Los errores de Fernando Roig - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

At Lotina's press conference has said he was not going to change the philosophy of ten years, that he would "not ask the template not to play football" but it is essential that the team develop consistency and confidence, and that players give of their best to perform at a high level. Also, he is indeed bringing a defensive coach, Jose Luis Ribera, with him. I assume this means Igor Taschevski is not staying (not sure about that), but all other members of Molina's staff are.

Lotina already met with the players today and gave a press conference at El Madrigal, and with a match on Wednesday against Real Madrid he has hit the ground running (quite literally from the picture)! We at Villarreal USA wish him the best of luck in turning our situation around and avoiding relegation.

UPDATED: Reports from the press conference by AS and Abrahán Guirao. And reports on yesterday's game from EPM (including Sr. Lizarraga's).