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Sound the Alarm: Villarreal Loses 1-2 to Getafe

Well, at least Nilmar can take a penalty.   (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Well, at least Nilmar can take a penalty. (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I hardly know where to start, except to say when I saw the lineup for tonight I feared something like this. No Alejandro Martinuccio, no Marco Ruben, no Hernán Pérez.

Villarreal looked as if it would begin brightly in an up-tempo style, but within six minutes Getafe had sliced open our defense, Miku slipping the ball to Diego Castro after a fine move down our defensive left. Castro slotted the ball home and the visitors celebrated.

I have to say having missed the Zaragoza match and watching the Submarine it struck me that we had some ideas in attack, but they were too predictable. Getafe figured out most everything went through Borja Valero, so if you deny him space and bang him up (especially when the ref isn't looking) you disrupt our attack. Nilmar is too lightweight to be dangerous unless he gets the ball in lots of space going forward, Javier Camuñas runs around a lot but doesn't end up doing much, and Rubén Cani is stylish and has some nice moves but doesn't finish it off himself. There--that's our scouting report.

And it's pretty much the same one Getafe had read, I think. But, their defense is pretty suspect, and when Jaume Costa was bundled over in the penalty area (following a clever backheel and return pass by Camuñas) it seemed surely we would cancel out the early goal.

Instead of Marcos Senna stepping up to take it, Borja Valero strode forward--and I guess he tried to chip the keeper, but his shot was weak and straight at Moya. With baseball season approaching, I guess it was kinda like a hanging curveball.

Villarreal, for lack of a better term, flitted around, but created very little. Moves that probably worked on the training pitch didn't produce much real danger. Our closest chance came from a Senna free kick that went off the crossbar with Moyá beaten; though we huffed and puffed, open play created next to nothing in terms of serious chances.

With that in mind, we were fortunate to go in level. Nilmar was fouled by Cata Díaz in the box (though he went over rather easily, I must say) and he made no mistake, putting the penalty high to the keeper's left. So two penalties (one converted) and one free kick off the crossbar. We were going to win this, right?

HT Villarreal 1-1 Getafe

I honestly can't remember Getafe fashioning more than two or three attacks in the first half, but in the second half they quickly had two good chances, one a Míchel header from a corner kick, then Miku was denied brilliantly from Diego López with Gonzalo Rodríguez trying desperately to tackle the ball away. At that point José Molina made a change, taking off Gonzalo and bringing on Marco Ruben. I guess Bruno Soriano slid back to the back line (I had a phone call to deal with during this period so am not sure).

Villarreal was controlling play now, to the extent that if you didn't know better, you would figure there would be only one winner in this game. Getafe semmed content to defend and surely Cani or Borja, or someone, would score. But. Just about the time my phone call ended (and shortly after Nilmar had come off for Joselu Moreno!! WHY??) Getafe corraled a bouncing ball in midfield and headed forward, our defenders in the box weren't close to anyone and Pedro León found Barrada all alone to score a second goal.

So with under 20 minutes left to save our season, we had a front two of Marco Ruben and Joselu and an ineffectual Camunas trying to assist Borja and Cani. Martinuccio sat on the bench; Pérez wasn't even in the squad, and Jefferson Montero was relaxing in Seville, one assumes.

With two minutes left Molina rolled the dice, I guess, bringing on Gonzalo Castellani for Camuñas. I had no words. Neither did one of our commentors, whose fifty or so question marks said it all. The game petered out to its inevitable conclusion with Villarreal fans whistling and shouting disapproval.

FT Villarreal 1-2 Getafe

I don't really know what else to say. Villarreal looked stylish, but toothless. And lost. I frankly don't know how this team is going to survive in the Primera if we can't beat Zaragoza away and Getafe home. We needed these points to put some distance between ourselves and the teams below us, and we got nothing from them. Sr. Roig's grand venture is in grave danger.

We may have the best website devoted to a Segunda team right here next season!