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Villarreal defeats Shanghai Shenhua 6-0 in friendly

Perhaps of more interest than anything else since it might give us an idea of who will play on Sunday? The starting lineup was:

Diego Lopez; Mario, Gonzalo, Bruno,Oriol; Castellani, DeGuzman, Hernan Perez, Wakaso; Martinuccio and Nilmar

that group played the first half and at the break it was 3-0, goals from Oriol (2) and Wakaso.

There were two groups of changes, one group at halftime and the other somewhat later, and the final lineup might give us a clue as to Sunday (except for the goalkeeper):

Palatsi; Mario, Zapata, Musacchio, Toño; Cani, Senna, Marchena, Borja; Camuñas and Ruben

This group scored three goals as well, one by Ruben and two form Cani in the last few minutes.

It doesn't appear Anelka played for the Shanghai side, but I can't tell for sure.

Anelka did ask someone if Jonathan deGuzman played for the first squad or the B team. They weren't sure how to interpret that either!!!