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Did we have the worst 2012 of any team?

SB Nation chose 16 of its blogs (and yes, we were among them) to participate in this. Basically, which team put its fanbase through the most pain in 2012? See how we stack up, in a sort of macabre way.....

SBN's Mike Prada asked us to give our thoughts on our awful 2012. Originally the idea was to have a vote as to which team put its fanbase through the most angst in this past year, but ultimately it was decided to simply rank them. I don't know where we ended up, but we are not in numbers 13 through 16! (though the Boston Red Sox are, not surprising to all of us in New England who suffered through their horrific season).

The introductory post is here, with an explanation of the metric used to rank the teams and a link to the teams as they are unveiled--the first four are now up. I must say reading it I think we have a great chance to win, so to speak, this thing.

Best wishes to all for a happy, and certainly more successful, 2013.