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Villarreal vs. Valencia: By the Tweets

Will his own hashtag motivate Nilmar to score more?
Will his own hashtag motivate Nilmar to score more?

The start of a new feature here at Villarreal USA. We will publicize a Twitter hashtag for every match and invite your tweets. This week's Valencian Community derbi between Villarreal and Valencia used #VILVAL.

As promised, below are the highlights and top tweets from Sunday's match at El Madrigal. Next week we're hoping for some Atlético Madrid supporters to use the same hashtag as Villarreal fans so we can get a cross-section of comments from both groups. We've suggested #ATMVIL, but that's not confirmed yet--we'll let you know when it is.

Send in your tweets, and you could be in the spotlight! Language is no barrier, but please keep it civil.


@spgore: @VillarrealUSA the Malaga-Atleti game I just watched was very poor, so let's hope we get an entertaining derby tomorrow #vilval

@OscarCampayo: El madrigal tiene que ser una caldera está tarde #endavant #elderbiesgroc #vilval

@mrdrocha: Hasta que no acabe el #VILVAL no me pongo con filosofía.

Game time:

@sebelito: #VILVAL , thank god Kiko isnt playing... #badmemories

@javiermatika: Que lios está habiendo con Soldado #VILVAL

@pablo_iniguez19: Merece la pena dejar el estudio para despues, vaya partidito!!! #VILVAL

@groguet01: just hope we don't regret that Zapata miss at the end of the half #VILVAL

@thomasmcilroy: Gutted Villarreal didn't win, but pleased we didn't lose #vilval