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Thread: Villarreal vs. Valencia

No more worries from Mata.
No more worries from Mata.

Villarreal's first match since December 21, the home debacle against Mirandés. The league debut of manager José Francisco Molina -- and possibly Argentine midfielder Gonzalo Castellani. A local derbi against high-flying rivals Valencia (in the league, at least).

As Ravi said, a baptism by fire. I'm just excited for La Liga to be back in action. Beyond that, que será, será.

My expected Villarreal XI (4-2-2-2): D. López; Ángel, Zapata, Gonzalo, Oriol; Bruno, Cani; Borja, H. Pérez; Ruben, Nilmar.

The match begins at 12 noon Eastern Time. No cable TV coverage in the U.S., but expect plenty of streams. Maybe a big win will put us back on the radar. Endavant Villarreal!