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Podcast: Villarreal Valencia - Derby special

Derby time. We need to stop that #9 guy.
Derby time. We need to stop that #9 guy.

Sid, Allen and Ravi come together for the first podcast of 2012 to discuss the upcoming derby against Valencia.

Total duration:50 min

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The Derby : 21 min

1. Brief recap of the 4 derbies of last season, Emery's tactics and our best game of 2011

2. What to expect from this game

- concerns on both offensive and defensive ends
- Valencia on a short rest after the Copa del Rey game

3. Predictions

4. Formations, changes in personnel that we might see from Molina

The B-team also has a new coach : 16 min

1. What will the B team look like this season?

2. Key isues of the B-team, what is missing in them?

3. Changes in the B with the arrival of Julio Velazquez

4. Predictions on what will happen to the A, B, C teams at the end of the season

5. What is the impact of B team going down to 2nd B ?

Transfers, changes: 13 min

1. Will we make any buys or sells in January?

2. Can we keep all our star players in the summer?