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Atlético Madrid vs. Villarreal: By the Tweets

Hernán Perez
Hernán Perez

Week two of our new feature at Villarreal USA. We will publicize a Twitter hashtag for every match and invite your tweets. This week's battle of underachievers between Atlético Madrid and Villarreal used #ATMVIL.

Below are the highlights and top tweets from Sunday's match at the Vicente Calderón. We've suggested #VILSPO (seeing a trend?) for next week's relegation battle at El Madrigal and will confirm the hashtag later in the week.

Send in your tweets, and you could be in the spotlight! Language is no barrier, but please keep it civil.


@starvs: Only tweets I feel like sending at this early hour would be unnecessarily rude, so I'll just say good starting XI for #atleti

@RoRuizR: Hernán está jugando!. El que no está es Senna, cosa que no entiendo...y tb juego DeGuzmán, cosa qaún entiendo menos...

Atletico Madrid 3-0 Villarreal by goalsarena2012">


@anitatitaG: Increíble que en 15 minutos no hayan llegado a nuestra portería y que estemos dominando el partido

@thisisatleti: #Atleti really deserving to be ahead today. Every single player delivering! What's your take aupasubmarino?

@madridatleticos: Starting to worry about Villarrreal. Playing very poor, organisation off the ball is all over the place.


@Hellasgarden: Säsongen sämsta match? Och lika konstig uppställning och byten som under Garrido.