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Two books about Villarreal (in English!) are being released today

Celtic Submari founder Ernesto Boixader and family are in Glasgow for the book launch
Celtic Submari founder Ernesto Boixader and family are in Glasgow for the book launch

    Sandy Jamieson, who writes on matters Celtic (and often Villarreal) on the greengreenworld website ( has finished what was supposed to be one book on the Submarine but has now become two, and they are being officially released today.

    One of the books focuses on the Celtic Submarí penya, and the friendship that has developed between Celtic and Villarreal supporters since 2004.  While this will no doubt be an interesting story, and well told, the second is probably of more interest to Villarreal fans generally, as it is titled  "Yellow Submarine" The Miracle of Villarreal CF" and promises to explore the club's keys to success.

    The author has been a Celtic fan forever and has been following Villarreal since 2004, I believe, including spending the last three years gathering material for the book.  (Plus, Sandy has a hatred of Atletico Madrid dating back to the 1974 European Cup semi-final, so expect his biases to be, um, rather like ours).

    You can read more about the books here.  For anyone in the UK or with access to pounds sterling, ordering should be quite easy, from the publisher (link here).  I don't know as yet if they will be easily available in the USA.

   This is as far as I know the first book of any kind in English devoted to Villarreal CF.  Congratulations to Sandy for getting the books completed and published, and we're delighted that more English-speaking soccer supporters will be able to find out about this magical club (as Sandy puts it, "a wee club from a small town") and how it has become a force in La Liga and Europe. 

   We can't promise anything, but maybe if enough of you are interested, we can see if there is a way to get some sort of discount for Villarreal USA members!  Let us know!