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Villarreal news, August 8: the waiting game continues

The team is back in Vila-real after losing a friendly to Wigan yesterday 1-0. It made no sense to have a game so close to the Everton one, where we actually tried to win--this was basically a runout for players like Bordas, Jordi Pablo and Gullón, and a chance for Gonzalo to get into match fitness.

Mano at right back, Catalá in the middle of the defense with Gonza, and Wakaso at left back? Not surprisingly, Ruben and Nilmar found themselves isolated a good deal of the time, and Nilmar looked rusty as well, failing to convert the few chances that came his way.

Speaking of Nilmar, Roma seems to really want him, and is supposedly coming back today with a third offer. I can't see a move as very likely--there is no way we can go in to the CL with just Rossi and Ruben up top--and Garrido seems to agree. But, we shall see. And probably Tottenham will try to sign Rossi again, but we all know that is not happening.

As for players coming in, no new news on De Guzman, with this week being key if anything is going to happen. Mallorca say they'll sell him for €8m to anyone, Villarreal included--which is NOT what was said earlier by their main shareholder, who has said the administrator can't force them to sell anyone or negotiate with anyone. (Villarreal have apparently offered no more than €6m). One would think they would be willing to negotiate the sale of a player who has said he wants to leave, to a team he's said he wants to play for, but I guess that's not how they do things on the island.

We're back to the stealth phase of transfers, I guess--no new names out there (De Guzman, Gio Dos Santos, and Granero the only three mentioned, and no real news about the last two). I can only assume things are happening behind the scenes, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. If anything does, we'll let you know!