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8 questions about Odense BK with Peter Hansen, Danish football expert

Here is a small interview with Peter Hansen from Denmark building up to our Champions League 1st leg tie against Odense BK.

1. Brief intro about yourself, and which teams do you support in the Denmark Super League

Peter: I am Danish football expert and sportsbetter. I follow Lyngby BK all over the country and really love the club.

2. Can you give us quick introduction of Odense BK –the history, progress and success within the Danish league from what i read, the Miracle in Madrid 94-95 UEFA cup is a highlight.
Peter: Yes - the miracle in 94/95 is the clear highlight in OBs history. They are the only club in Superliga on the island "Fyn" in the central Denmark. They were founded in 1887 and therefore they are one of the oldest clubs in Denmark. They have been runner-up in the last 3 years, and they are still in the shadows of the champions from FC Copenhagen, who also qualify for the Champions League at the moment. Since Henrik Clausen took over the coaching job, they've been playing more offensive football and they now also have some young players in the squad like Baskim Kadrii (who have just been called up for the international game against Scotland) and Rasmus Falk, who play for the U/21-national team.

3. Tell us something about the 3rd round CL qualifier against Panathainaikos? Especially about the huge away win in Greece. How did the fans & in general Denmark react to it?

Peter: It was a huge deal in Denmark. Even though FC Copenhagen won 2-0 in Athens last year, it still wasn't expected at all, that OB could win there. They did it by playing with high pressure and playing very sharp contra attacks. Panathinaikos had some huge chances as well, but OB had the marginals or their side. Great victory for a Danish team

4. What is the reaction to the draw against Villarreal? How familiar are people with Villarreal in Denmark?

Peter: People are very familiar with Villarreal in Denmark. AaB was playing against them in Champions League some years ago. People are actually seeing it as the best team to draw with compared to the other teams (Arsenal, Bayern etc.), so they are very pleased with it, even though Villarreal are big favorites here. I and the rest of the football-lovers here are very much looking forward to this game, and they think OB have a chance.

5. What is the style of play of the team? Give us the usual formation of the team and a likely line-up.
Peter: They switch it a little and my guess will be that they play in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1. The 4 defenders will be (from right to left): Espen Ruud - Tore Reginiussen - Anders Møller Christensen - Chris Sørensen (Because Mendy is suspended). The midfield is their main focus and the strongest part of them team. Hans Henrik Andreasen is one of the best and most scoring midfielders in the league, while Kalilou Traore and Eric Djemba Djemba are very good too. Baskim Kadrii and Rasmus Falk are young and very fast on the offensive midfield/wingers, while Peter Utaka is the striker. He fights a lot, but doesn't have the luck to score at the moment. But he is very good, when he has his days.

6. Who are the key players, strengths and weaknesses of OB?
Peter: The key players are right back Espen Ruud, who is great offensively, but not the best in the defensive part of the play and the same with Chris Sørensen on the left back, who have a great technique, but not the best pace. The midfield is very hard working, and that is the biggest challenge for Villarreal, but if they play fast combinations on the wingers, they will get the chances.

7. Fan support, what can Villarreal expects? Do they follow Villarreal over there?
Peter: I don't think you shall expect a lot of Danes in Spain. 40-100 people i guess. In Odense the stadium will be full (about 15,000 people) and they will get fine support. They don't have the wildest fans in Denmark at all.

8. What are your score predictions?
Peter: My guess will be 1-1 in Odense and 3-1 to Villarreal in Spain.

Thanks again Peter. You may follow Peter at
@Lyngbyyy on Twitter.