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Villarreal to Play Wolfsburg, Everton, Wigan Athletic in Preseason

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Villarreal have added Wolfsburg to what is becoming a bit of a crowded preseason schedule. The trip to Germany will come in between the club's early training in Ireland and Scotland, and its later trip back to England to meet up with Everton and Wigan. These should all be interesting friendlies - even if winning is not the primary goal for the matches - as discussions of league depth always rise to the surface when these sorts of matchups come around.

The club's full schedule as of now:

July 16: University College Dublin FAC - Villarreal CF (7pm local time)
July 19: Aberdeen FC - Villarreal CF (7:45 local time)
July 24: VfL Wolfsburg - Villarreal CF (5:30 local time)
August 5: Everton FC - Villarreal CF (7:45 local time)
August 7: Wigan Athletic - Villarreal CF (6:00 local time)

The club's first La Liga match against Sporting Gijon is August 21/22, but they will be playing a Champions League playoff before that.