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Zapata signs and Senna re-ups, Liverpool bids for Santi--UPDATE

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Borja and Santi together in yellow.  Let's keep it that way!! (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Borja and Santi together in yellow. Let's keep it that way!! (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
Getty Images

    UPDATE: According to President Roig, no bid for Santi has yet been received--per AS. "If other parties are interested we can talk but at this moment we have no offers". (as of 9:30 AM EDT).  Marca reports the same interview, and Punta Radio quotes Sr. Roig as saying no bids have been received for anyone.  Málaga have been talking personal terms with Santi's agent (see below) but as for Liverpool...maybe the (Liver) bird took a wrong turn?


As reported earlier briefly, Marcos Senna has used his twitter account (he posts so infrequently, I'd forgotten he had it!) to tell fans he's re-upping with Villarreal for one more year.  In a later post he clarified that his agent and the club have a couple of very small details to work out before he signs, but those things are indeed quite minor.  (my favorite response to his tweet came from a (I think) young lad who plaintively asked, "does this mean you're not coming to Swansea?")

     And then EPM broke the news that Villarreal and Udinese had closed the deal for the transfer of Cristián Zapata.  Five years, €7 million.  Allegedly Villarreal had offered Jozy Altidore as part of the deal, but that did not work out.

     As several of our forum members have discussed, now that those deals are done, it would be great to add a winger/second striker.  One winger we won't be getting is Pablo Piatti, who signed with the Unibats (or have they changed sponsors and I have to find a new nickname for Los Che? I'm not sure).  Anyhow, regardless of my feelings for them, I think Piatti for €8 million from Almeria is a good deal.

     Jose Angel's transfer to Roma is still not certain as far as I know, though close.  Now is the time for Villarreal to swoop in and close the deal for Canella, in my opinion. Or at least grab Camuñas who can be our fourth striker if need be.  (or Canales, but...)

     Let's talk about Villarreal B, now under the tutelage of Jose Molina.  They begin training on July 11 and after playing against Villarreal C have several friendlies, one against Hércules, another against Huesca, and a third against Olimpic de Xativa, who were promoted to Segunda B last year, weren't they? 

    No real news to report on the Rossi front, except his agent said he met with Juve and yesterday Juve said it was going to meet with him, though Kun Aguero is apparently their #1 target.  Tottenham Hotspur appears ready to resurrect its curious policy of waiting until the last minute to put a bid down for Rossi.    

   Santi Cazorla is the man in the news, with Liverpool apparently having submitted a bid and the Daily Mirror announcing "Liverpool made to wait" while Villarreal finds a replacement.  You can see what some Liverpool fans think of Santi here.    And Málaga have apparently submitted their "final offer" to Santi's agent. 

Other quick news.  Sevilla President Del Nido attacks the TV revenue split yet again, and Malaga have 25,000 subscribers all excited about the new season, doubtless. If los boquerones indeed become a new force in Spanish football, this will put even more pressure on the TV split to be renegotiated, since they receive a very little part.  But that's down the road.

  The new season's fixture list will be released today and we'll report that as soon as we have details.  Endavant Villarreal!!