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Copa America 2011 Thread

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I won't lie; I still miss you, Diego.
I won't lie; I still miss you, Diego.

For lovers of the beautiful game. And Villarreal players, of course: past, present, and (hopefully) future.

A short list:

Argentina: Fernando Gago (target? Maybe someday, sigh).

Chile: Matías Fernández (past).

Colombia: Abel Aguilar (target? Relegated with Hércules), Hugo Rodallega (target), Cristián Zapata (target- sighted).

Paraguay: Hernán Pérez (present- B team).

Uruguay: Diego Forlán (past), Diego Godín (past), Martín Cáceres (past- thanks for the profit!), Sebastián Eguren (past), Walter Gargano (target).

And don't forget the other squads at the 12-team tournament: Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica (no Bryan Ruiz), Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Discuss the tournament here.