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Villarreal signs Camuñas

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  News has just broken that Villarreal have signed Javier Camuñas from Osasuna!   Now confirmed by both sides, here, and here, so unlike the long-running sagas we've become used to this summer, this one is actually done and dusted.

  Villarreal paid Osasuna €2.3m and Camuñas has signed a three-year contract with Villarreal.

  Like Zapata, our other outfield signing, Camunas is a versatile player, could fill in as a second striker but is rimarily an attacking midfielder, can operate either on the wing or in the middle.  He played with Marco Ruben at Recre a couple of years back.

   His acquisition today means that he can be included in the squad that competes in the Champions League qualifier. Welcome Javier, we look forward to seeing you in yellow!!