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Villarreal USA introduces its new podcast!


    Villarreal USA is delighted to announce the birth of its new podcast (excitingly called, the VillarrealUSA podcast!). 

    Just as our goal for this website is to provide the best coverage of Villarreal available in English, the podcast will focus on Villarreal--we hope to bring you news and views on Villarreal happenings, of course, but also convey some of the history and passion of Villarreal, talk to Villarreal supporters around the country, and more.

     On our first episode of this new adventure, our gang of four:  Allen, Sid, Maddi, and Ravi, introduce themselves, discuss potential Villarreal moves, and generally have a good time talking things Villarreal. 

   Expect to hear some combination of those four, any or all, on a new podcast every couple of weeks, with frequent guests to liven things up and keep us from agreeing with ourselves too often (not that we do!).  Give our maiden voyage a listen!

Download this episode (right click and save)