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Quick transfer update, July 16

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Hello everyone, this is going to be a quick update.

Giuseppe Rossi: a deal seems likely from everything we're hearing; there is an Italian report that Villarreal lowered their asking price (why?) and Joan Capdevila may be included in the deal (though Villarreal apparently only wants to let him go on a free transfer to a "small" club, which is not Juventus or Barcelona for that matter). 

Villarreal is surely not interested in Grosso; Sissoko is the player I understand Juve has dangled.  He had a great career beginning under Benitez, first at Valencia, then Liverpool but since then hasn't done much.

Villarreal is mentioned in several places here:

Fichajes - Cuéllar espera una llamada desde España - Yahoo! Eurosport

Doubtful we would move for Carlos Cuellar and acquire yet ANOTHER central defender, unless we plan to move Zapata to left back, Marchena to holding midfield, and have essentially four central defenders on the pitch at the same time.

But the Sergio Canales report agrees with what Javi Mata reported yesterday--it appears Canales would move to Villarreal if Rossi leaves, which should ease the pain a bit.  A strike force of Nilmar, Ruben, Canales and Hernán Pérez could be very interesting to watch.

Being reported to that the Javier Camuñas deal with Osasuna could include Joan Oriol.  Villarreal is not willing to give up Catalá.   Camunas would join Santi, Cani, Wakaso, Borja in attacking midfield; I think that's fine, but would like to see another defensive midfielder to go with Senna and Bruno.

But if Oriol goes along with Capdevila, then we need another left back from somewhere.  Perhaps the plan is to use some of the (as yet hypothetical, but increasingly likely) Rossi windfall to go after another left back other than Canella we haven't heard of yet? Or else move Zapata to left back?

We'll just have to wait and see.  Don't forget the friendly this afternoon (2PM EDT); there is no TV coverage and probably no radio either, so I think all we can do is check for updates on the score and look for a report on the UCD site when it's over--links are in the fanpost they provided yesterday, thanks for that!  Endavant!!