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Quick news snippets: Rossi, Capdevila on way out? the latest....

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Villarreal certain to be bidding goodbye to its first World Cup winner. (Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images)
Villarreal certain to be bidding goodbye to its first World Cup winner. (Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images)
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potential transfers out:

Worth noting I suppose that both AS and Marca have Rossi with one foot out the door, so too does local paper EPM, but there is no real news to report. Rossi is joining the team in Ireland on Sunday, which was reported by some outlets yesterday, and that is certainly being interpreted as a sign that a deal is near.

Yesterday his agent said he would be visiting Villarreal on Friday to meet with Sr. Roig, apparently to find out Sr. Roig's asking price and willingness to sell. It's being reported in Italy that Sr. Pastorello will in fact present Villarreal with an offer for €25m plus a player, which Villarreal can select from a list of five.

Since this is substantially the deal that Juventus has been kicking around for a long time, I'm not impressed. If Juve really want Rossi, why don't they just throw the same €35m on the table they were willing to offer Kun? They have the money, Villarreal would surely be happy to sell him for that, and the deal could get done! And stop trying to pawn off your overpriced rejects and has-beens as part of the deal!

So is Rossi going to leave? Opinions are all over the board, especially since reports of Juve's interest have been so contradictory. I still think not, but admit some of that is wishful thinking--I don't think he'll be as easy to replace at this point in the summer as he would have been in June if Barca had signed him.

That Joan Capdevila is leaving Villarreal is certain. Newcastle and Aston Villa are believed to be interested and Barcelona apparently could offer to swap Maxwell for him, rather underwhelming. Would we rather have cash?

The Juan Carlos transfer to Elche (a one-year loan) is now confirmed: see comment below.

potential transfers in:

Let's move on. Camuñas's name surfaces again as a transfer target, with EPM suggesting Villarreal could offer a small sum plus a player for him rather than the €3m Osasuna wants:

Camuñas puede convertirse en el tercer refuerzo amarillo - Deportes -

Villarreal (and Pathetico Madrid) are being linked to a midfielder from Bologna, Gaby Mudingayi. He's a 29-year old defensive midfielder; I can't get excited about him, can anyone else? His career trajectory and transfer value appear to have gone down the last few years.

With Jose Angel's transfer to Roma, Sporting presumably will want to keep LB Canella; also, Aston Villa has been reported to be planning a large bid to Hugo Rodallega which Villarreal would surely be crazy to match.

news of players still with us:

The list of players travelling to Ireland for the preseason camp near Dublin has been released. Included are Angel and Gonzalo, both recovering well from last year's injuries according to reports. Also included are some players expected to play with the B team (again, in many cases) this year.

Hernán Pérez is of course not on the list, as he is part of Paraguay's Copa America squad. EPM reports he is a "Plan B" to add to the squad if no other attacker is brought in. He's clearly bound for better things than the B-team, as Primera teams have evidently inquired about him. Jozy Altidore is still rehabbing his injury, no news of any move yet.

finally, news from Valencia:

The former Unibats have a new shirt sponsor. Before you laugh (and you surely will) remember first of all that Villarreal don't have a sponsor at the moment (the airport deal having ended now that the airport has finally been built!) and secondly, it is a sad reflection on the state of the Spanish economy and Spanish football when a team that finished third in the league and qualified for Champions League football, has a huge catchment area, fan base, and a large if old stadium, can't do any better than this. Really.

Okay, now you can laugh. From the Unibats to.... geese? Everyone put their thinking caps on and let's agree on a suitable nickname to describe this year's Los Che.

UPDATE: Interesting, the article has now been pulled from the website I linked to (which is a very good Valencia fans' website in English, by the way). The sponsor was "El Ganso" (the Goose), a clothing store with 17 stores in Spain,and the logo a goose. No idea if it was leaked, incorrect, or what.

I hope the Valencia supporters who buy the new kit (especially the senyera shirt, which I personally think is killer) don't have to see their shirts disfigured by this thing.

As always, if anything concrete emerges during the day, we'll update this post.