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Rossi's agent denies Juventus contract claims , Wolves winger linked with Villarreal, and Gonzalo starts training: July 13 news

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Matt Jarvis: a Villarreal target? (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Matt Jarvis: a Villarreal target? (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Getty Images

    Hola groguets!  Trying to figure out what is going on with Juventus and its move for Rossi is a challenge: I think I'm going to apply for a CIA job analyzing North Korea next, because I feel I now possess relevant experience!

   Anyhow, EPM (which generally is the more accurate than the national papers) practically have Rossi signed, sealed and delivered to Italy:

Rossi está muy cerca de fichar por la Juventus - Deportes -

    Marca and other outlets reported yesterday Juventus had agreed personal terms with Rossi, offering him a four-year contract and significant pay rise.   

But an Football Italia article, published this morning, suggests things may not be advanced as was believed.  Among the points made:  Juventus have made no significant move to sign Giuseppe Rossi;

     his agent, Sr. Pastorello, is quoted: "I’m not a Juventus official and all that I will say is that Rossi could be a transfer objective of theirs seeing as they are looking for a striker".

   Also, "Rossi is content at Villarreal and he has a good contract. He’s not desperate to leave at all costs. We are calm about everything". 

  The article does say Sr. Pastorello will visit Vila-real on Friday to discuss the situation (presumably someone will be available to meet with him, as the team will be in Ireland by then). 

  The same website has this interesting analysis of Juventus and in particular Felipe Melo.  Worth a read.

     Let's move on to England and the EPL.  Hugo Rodallega's name keeps coming up in connection with Villarreal, but he'd be expensive enough that he's an unlikely arrival unless Rossi moves.  Same for Wolves winger Matt Jarvis, I expect, somewhere in the €6-8m range at least, I'd think.

   And not Villarreal-related, but Arsene Wenger says what we all think about Manchester City and the UEFA financial fair-play rules, worth a look:

     Arsène Wenger accuses Manchester City of bending Uefa fair-play rules | Football | The Guardian

Finally, Villarreal's internationals begin training today (morning and afternoon sessions are planned); this includes Rossi and wantaway Capdevila.  And Gonzalo Rodriguez has tweeted he's been the medical clearance to begin some training with the team:

      Hola todos!! hoy es un dia especial..ayer me dieron el alta medica así que voy a empezar progresivamente con al   equipo...

    And on that happy note, Endavant Villarreal!!