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Tottenham, Atlético Madrid after Rossi, and Borja Valero makes Villarreal switch permanent

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UPDATE! Borja Valero has made his Villarreal deal permanent for an undisclosed fee, according to West Bromwich Albion's official website.


[Original post] The transfer rumor mill has continued to be quiet for Villarreal, and could drop off even more now that the Copa America is getting into full swing. There have been hits and misses of rumors, some seeming likely (Cristián Zapata, Camuñas), others seeming less so (Chivu, Martinuccio). The things we know and can count on are that (1) the club needs reinforcements if it expects to step up this year, as Señor Roig has stated, and (2) the players report in NINE days, so the club is going to hope for a resolution of all of these issues sooner rather than later.

Obligatory Rossi Update (and my non-obligatory analysis)

Now that the Rossi-to-Barcelona rumors have "gone up in smoke", some lesser teams have come around, sniffing to see if they might try and convince Giuseppe Rossi to forego his desire for Champions League football for an overwhelmingly large paycheck. The teams that have surfaced have been Tottenham Hotspur and Atlético Madrid.

As we all read, Tottenham came calling at the end of the January transfer window, offering Villarreal a reported 33m and Peter Crouch in exchange for Rossi. Needless to say, that deal didn't happen for quite a few reasons, including at least Villarreal's plans to finish in the top four of La Liga and to try and win the Europa League.

Speculatively, a move to Tottenham also did not happen because Rossi's next move, when (or if!) it ever comes, will be to a bigger club. And by that, I do not mean a club with more money or more fans - both of which conditions Tottenham meet. But the thing is, Tottenham are not one of the top clubs in Europe, no matter how much they might claim to be. While they had an excellent run in the Champions League last season, their current history is surely no more impressive than Villarreal's - and when you are talking about a guy like Rossi, you are talking about a guy who wants to, and deserves to, consistently play on the biggest stage.

Nevertheless, Tottenham are knocking on the door again. With Barcelona out of the picture, Spurs believe that they could be the New Jeritalian's next destination. I think Tottenham would be nuts to try and meet Rossi's valuation (not because he isn't that valuable, but because Tottenham need more than just a guy like Rossi, and I don't think their transfer kitty is big enough to get Rossi and their other needs), but we'll see.

Atlético continue to try and make Villarreal into its feeder club, following the moves by Forlan and Godin to the consistently underachieving red and white side. Now, they are looking at Rossi as the potential replacement for Sergio Agüero. That would depend on an Agüero move to another club, such as the Old Lady in Italy, which is not unlikely. But I really think Atlético is an even less likely destination than Tottenham. For so many reasons. Atlético just do not have it together, and have not had it together, for ages. They managed to squeak into next year's Europa League (as Villarreal did last year, admittedly), through their 7th place finish in La Liga, but their inconsistent, no-defense, whacked-out-midfield, disjointed-strikeforce style just is not the right place for Rossi to land when he knows that he can move to a truly big club sooner or later.

The one club that is not facing Champions League competition next year that I could see Rossi going to is Juventus, which have been linked for Rossi, Aguero, and a few other big names this summer. But Juventus does have that history of being one of the top clubs in Italy - and the look about them that they will be writing more history soon. Not to mention, Rossi's connections to Italy run deep.

Of course I could be wrong about all of that - but I just don't see it happening. Don't forget, Rossi signed a contract extension in January 2011, which went through 2016. That is not the move of a guy who is trying to get out at all costs, destination-be-damned. Villarreal pay him well, and Villarreal offer Champions League football next term. If one of the bigger sides in Europe do not come calling within the next few days, expect to see him in yellow next year.

Senna to stay?

By all accounts it looks like Marcos Senna will stay at Villarreal. Unfortunately, there has not yet been a resolution to the contract issues, so things are still a bit murky. Whether it was because the deal was "too rich" for Swansea, or just because Senna decided he wanted to finish things out in Yellow, as of now there are no avenues open (to public knowledge, anyway), other than to stay with Villarreal. He has come out publicly and said the sides are very close to an agreement, so hopefully this will come about soon.

Camuñas still an option?

The rumors surrounding a move by Javier Camuñas to Villarreal still keep swirling around, chugging along, bubbling up (or just choose your own metaphor). The most recent reports suggest that the deal is waiting to be made, that all sides would be happy with it, and it will be completed soon.

I would be thrilled to have Camuñas, and really believe that along with a couple of other vital signings (Cristián Zapata, Senna) and moves that have already been made (Cesar), and lastly the ability to call up a guy like Hernán Pérez when necessary, Villarreal might be set to stretch their legs in 2011-2012.

So keep things updated as you seen them in the comments, and hopefully all of this will be sewn up soon!