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Villarreal News and Rumors: Senna, Rossi, Nilmar, Altidore

Spain-USA first half action (Santi, #20).
Spain-USA first half action (Santi, #20).

Hola groguets!  Here's the latest news on the Villarreal front....

Marcos Senna: still sounds hopeful he'll be in yellow next season.  Or could his swan song be as a Swan?

Giuseppe Rossi:  Villarreal to Barca: you never call...just letting you know, when you do, the price won't have changed....

   interesting result from this online poll.  Alexis Sanchez seems to have become the new Barca "item"

Nilmar: has NOT been included in the Brazil squad for the Copa America.  Fred has instead? Come on now.  I suppose I should feel disappointed, but frankly I'm happy to see him get some rest over the summer.

Jozy Altidore: scored one goal and assisted on another last night as the USA defeated Canada, 2-0.  Feeling seems to be he might be included in the Canella deal.  As I recall, Sporting were one of the clubs that asked about him coming on loan last January. (h/t to Kenez for the EPM link)

As that EPM article says, in the absence of any significant transfers out, César (assuming Juan Carlos is either loaned out or sold with a buyback clause), Canella, and Camuñas, plus a center-back, are the priorities for Villarreal. 

As noted the other day Sarabia (RM Castella player) might be signed and go into the B team, but one player who has definitely been signed, for the sum of 25,000 Euros, is Toño, a defender who played for Castellón last year and was wanted by Valencia as well. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the history of Villarreal and Castellón: Castellón de la Plana is the major town in the area, about three times larger than Vila-real, and CD Castellón was in the Primera off and on in the 1970s and 80s.  In fact, in 1989/90 Villarreal played in the third division, Castellon in the Primera.  Since then of course their paths have diverged, and Castellon is playing in the Segunda B and facing large financial difficulties. How things can change.

Speaking of financial difficulties, Real Zaragoza has officially filed for bankruptcy.  They still owe us a transfer fee or two, I believe.

And finally, news from Vila-real is that next year's ticket prices will remain unchanged, though the official announcement will come tomorrow.  Excellent news for fans of the Submarine!