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News, views, rumors--it's the Villarreal Friday update!

Joan Capdevila with captain Iker Casillas.
Joan Capdevila with captain Iker Casillas.

I'm heading out to the USA and Spain training sessions this afternoon, so this will have to be a quick update.

Last night there was a radio report that Villarreal had agreed to swap Rossi for €18 mil + Bojan, but Bojan didn't want to come. The price seems low, and there's been no followup from it this morning. Again, one wonders sometimes if these reports aren't selective leaks or trial balloons rather than true news...

It appears that Barca are considering their options--Rossi, Kun Aguero, Alexis Sanchez--before making a decision. So I think assuming Rossi is going to the blaugrana may be jumping the gun a bit.

Reports that have gotten more attention are that Atletico Madrid offered to purchase Diego Lopez, for € 4 million. A ridiculously low sum. Not surprisingly, Villarreal turned down that deal. Atleti, don't call us, we won't call you!!

It's also being reported that Sergio Canales met with Real Madrid today and told them he doesn't want to go abroad. Mourinho said yesterday he preferred to send Canales to the Bundesliga rather than to another La Liga team. Schalke had a loan offer on the table, Villarreal was the first of the domestic teams to inquire about him (oh, please, not Callejon too!). So that one may run a while.

Speaking of Valencia, turns out Unai Emery wanted to keep César but was overruled. Hm. Your board really loves you, Unai, don't they?

Coaching news: Luis Garcia leaves Levante for Getafe Team Dubai and their suicidal piano-playing koala. Maybe he'll be happier now (the koala, I mean). And Toral escapes the Racing Santander nightmare and agrees to coach Sevilla, who presumably will at least send him regular paychecks, an improvement on the goings-on in Cantabria.

Luis Enrique (Barca B) reportedly has agreed to terms with AS Roma, but would like to bring some of his staff with him.

And an interesting tidbit: apparently ex-Villarreal, current Olympiacos coach Ernesto Valverde has a clause in his contract that would allow him to leave to return to a Primera team. Like Athletic Bilbao, where he started his coaching career. Don't be surprised.

Finally, here is a Spanish-language preview of the Spain--USA match tomorrow with anticipated starting lineups. Four Submarine players expected in the starting 22 including Altidore! And including Joan Capdevila, who had problems getting into the US apparently because there is a person named "Juan Mendez" on a blacklist (Capdevila' second last name is Mendez).

That's it for now! Endavant Villarreal!!