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Villarreal News: Altidore, Nicki Bille, Diego López

Wow, Santi almost looks serious!
Wow, Santi almost looks serious!

 Two Villarreal players were in action yesterday:

Jozy Altidore played in the US's shock 2-1 loss to Panama.  I only saw the second half--he did create one golden chance that was fluffed.  Judging from this article, that was his main contribution to the match.

Nicki Bille played in Denmark U-21 match, a loss to Switzerland 1-0.  Again, I didn't see it, but apparently Bille had a perfectly good goal in injury time disallowed and then got a yellow card for his protests.

Spain U-21 is in action today; reports yesterday were that David DeGea would likely miss the clash against England  due to a finger injury,  if so Diego Mariño is likely to be on the bench as the second keeper.

But the main news of the day is that Diego López was married yesterday in Pontevedra.  Among those present were Joan Capdevila, Santi Cazorla, and Borja Valero, and fortunately Joan confined himself to tweeting bad jokes rather than making up transfer stories! 

Enhorabuena to the bride and groom!

As for Giuseppe Rossi, he's currently home in New Jersey, though the rumor mill has him taking a trip to Barca very soon, as there are reports Barca will indeed approach Villarreal with an offer on Monday.   He's been very quiet on twitter, but did post this gem yesterday:

"At the flower store with mom..she put me on a mission to find some plant..I have no idea what I'm lookin for!

Presumably he succeeded in the end!!

A reminder to go to our transfer thread for news and comments on that front.  It's all quiet at the moment, but there's undoubtedly a lot going on behind the scenes....